Water Trampolines, Lake Floats & Bouncers

Water trampolines, lake floats and bouncers from The House will provide your family with hours of fun on the lake this summer. A great way for the kids to get some energy out, these water trampolines and launch bags are perfect for parties and weekends with friends. Our selection includes not only water trampolines and bouncers but also inflatable mats for some relaxing float time along with inflatable climbing walls that are also perfect for active young ones. We also carry a selection of inflatable water slides and attachments that attach to our water trampolines for an added layer of fun. Whether you’re looking for a water trampoline on a smaller scale that’s perfect for using one at a time or you want a trampoline that your child and his or her friends can jump on together, we have some of everything. Be sure to pick out a water trampoline, lake float or bouncer today so that you’re geared up to have the best summer yet.
Aquaglide Ricochet Bouncer Water Trampoline
Size: 16ft
$1,299.95 1,299.95
$1,469.99 (12% Off)
Aquaglide Ricochet Bouncer Inflatable Aquapark
Size: 12ft
$894.95 894.95
$999.99 (11% Off)
Aquaglide Ricochet Bouncer w/ C-Deck Inflatable Aquapark
Size: 12ft, 16ft
$1,278.95 1,278.95
$1,799.99 (29% Off)

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