Kids' Snowboard Mittens

Kids’ snowboard mittens from The House have you covered when it comes to preparing your young snowboarder for the winter. With snowboard mittens on offer from the best brands, our kids’ snowboard mittens are the perfect complementary attire piece for your little one’s snowboarding adventures. Our kids’ snowboard mittens come in a variety of fun designs with spacious fits that keep the mittens comfortable and leave room for layering. The interior of our kids’ snowboard mittens are fitted with the finest insulation technology so that your young snowboarder’s hands retain warmth and stay cozy. Our snowboard mittens are also made with the best materials to make sure that they last your child throughout many seasons of fun snow days spent on the slopes. Perfect for when your child is gearing up for their new favorite hobby, our kids’ snowboard mittens are a great option for assisting your child in learning how to ride the hills and help keep them comfortable as they cut through the snow.
Crab Grab Micro Mittens Kids
Size: Medium
45 $45.00
The North Face Mossbud Swirl Mittens Girls
Size: Small, Medium, Large
$25.45 25.45
$33.95 (25% Off)
Quiksilver Mission (8-16) Mittens Kids
Size: Medium, Large
$22.95 22.95
$34.95 (34% Off)
Patagonia Baby Puff Mittens Kids
Size: 3mo
$21.95 21.95
$39.00 (44% Off)
Dakine Yukon Mittens Kids
Size: Large, X-Large
$16.95 16.95
$25.00 (32% Off)
Columbia Core Mittens Kids
Size: Medium
$24.99 24.99
$30.00 (17% Off)
The North Face Littles Bear Mittens Kids
Size: X-Small, Small, Medium
$18.70 18.70
$24.95 (25% Off)
The North Face Baby Minna Mittens Kids
Size: XX-Small
$16.95 16.95
$24.95 (32% Off)
Patagonia Baby Pita Pocket Mittens Kids
Size: 0-3mo, 3-6mo, 6-12mo
$20.95 20.95
$29.00 (28% Off)
Burton Dam Mittens Kids
Size: Large, X-Large
$39.95 39.95
$49.95 (20% Off)
Columbia Core II Mittens Kids
Size: Small, Medium, Large
$24.99 24.99
$30.00 (17% Off)
Roxy Jetty (8-16) Mittens Girls
Size: Small
$23.95 23.95
$34.95 (31% Off)
Patagonia Baby Puff Mittens Kids
Size: 3m, 6m, 12m
$30.95 30.95
$39.00 (21% Off)

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