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The House has the best selection of ski gear on the planet. Ski equipment including ski boots, ski bindings, and skis for sale. Whether you are looking for the perfect all-mountain ski or the ultimate powder ski, the House has you covered for anywhere you decide to take your downhill skis. We carry a multitude of top ski brands from industry-leading companies like Rossignol, K2, Armada, Full Tilt, Fischer, Line, and many more ensuring you will have nothing but the best skis when at the ski resort. Not only do we have a wide variety of skis, we also carry a multitude of ski boots ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fitting boot to fit your own flippers and have the features that you need whether you are looking for precise control or comfort from your downhill ski boots. We also carry a multitude of ski bindings ensuring that your knees will be safe when diving into those high-speed adrenaline-inducing carves. Find your favorite pair of downhill skis for the next day at the ski mountain.


Choosing the Right Skis

How do you know which skis are right for you? Considering the number of choices, from all-mountain varieties to big mountain and backcountry, the buying process can be confusing. The answer depends on your experience level and preferred skiing style. If you're a beginner, we highly recommend choosing a ski that's versatile enough for a number of conditions and terrains. When choosing a pair, it's also important to consider the types of locations and terrains you'll be skiing, and how often you actually do it. When it comes to ski length, it all depends on your height, weight, and ability. Whether skis should be narrow or wide is dependent on your floatation preferences. Considering there's quite a lot to take into account before buying your perfect pair, don't be afraid to ask one of our in-house experts for help, so you can hit the slopes and sharpen your skills for seasons to come!

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