Road Bikes

Switch up your commute with road bikes.

Shop road bikes from The-House. Our racing bikes are perfect for those with a need for speed, while commuter road bikes are designed to get you from A to B. Road bikes feature thinner tires and lighter tread to provide a firm grip on the pavement while maximizing speed. They are designed to seat you high and tilt you forward over drop-down handlebars for extra power. Each of these road bikes is designed with a strong alloy or carbon frame to keep weight low and comfort high. We carry all the brands you know and love like Framed, Fuji, GT, SE and many more. Whether you’re gearing up for a bike race or just making your way to work, it’s time to strap on your bike helmet and get going.

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Fuji SL-A LTD Apex Smu Bike
Size: 56cm
$1,260.95 1,260.95
$1,399.95 (10% Off)
Breezer Radar X Bike
Size: 54cm
1699.99 $1,699.99
EVO Grand Rapid 3 Bike
Size: 16in, 18in, 20in
599.99 $599.99
Fuji E-Traverse 1.2 E-Bike
Size: 17in, 19in, 21in
$2,357.95 2,357.95
$2,699.99 (13% Off)

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