Kids' Bikes

Shop kid’s bikes for sale at The House. We offer boy's and girl's bikes that are perfect for your aspiring linebacker or your elegant princess.

For the adventurers, we have fat bikes and mountain bikes available that open new spaces for exploration. For bikers of all skill levels, we have a wide selection of cruisers and balance bikes for young riders.

Each of these youth bikes is made with strong aluminum alloy frames that are made to last. Whether you’ve got serious bikers or casual riders in your family, we have just the right kid’s bikes you need. Buy now and get our selected outdoor sports apparel and footwear up to 65% off!

GT Jr. Performer 18 BMX Bike Kids
Size: 18in
425 $425.00
GT Siren 16 Bike Kids
Size: 16in
275 $275.00
SE Bronco 16 BMX Bike Kids
Size: 16in
$239.95 239.95
$289.99 (17% Off)
Fuji Lil Rookie 12 Bike Kids
Size: 12in
139.99 $139.99
GT Siren 12 Bike Kids
Size: 12in
225 $225.00
GT Siren 20 Bike Kids
Size: 20in
300 $300.00
Framed Cable Mountain Bike Kids
Size: 24in
$449.95 449.95
$600.00 (25% Off)
SE Bronco 12 BMX Bike Kids
Size: 12in
$195.95 195.95
$269.99 (27% Off)
We The People CRS 18 BMX Bike Kids
Size: 18in/18in Top Tube
493.99 $493.99
GT Lil Performer BMX Bike Kids
Size: 16in
425 $425.00

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