Women's Jeans

Women’s Jeans at The House. A growing selection of women’s jeans are available at The House online and in store. Brands for women’s jeans at The House are Burton, Patagonia, Planet Earth, Prana, and Roxy. The jeans come in a range of styles from skinny to bootcut. Grab yourself a pair of women’s jeans in silver, pink, red, grey, black, blue or traditional denim. The House offers a wide range in sizes for women from 0 to 12 with waist sizing from 25 to 30 and every size in between. Some of the women’s jeans feature subtle patterns on them such as dots and stripes. Each pair of our women’s jeans are made from durable materials and are very comfortable for any day you wish to wear them. The soft material of each pair of women’s jeans The House carries will have you forgetting you are even wearing jeans. Purchase your new favorite women’s jeans from The House today.
Prana Kara Jeans Womens
Size: 0
$48.95 48.95
$89.00 (45% Off)
Mountain Hardwear Hardwear Denim Jeans Womens
Size: 4
$74.95 74.95
$124.95 (40% Off)
Prana Kayla Jeans Womens
Size: 0, 4
$61.95 61.95
$89.00 (30% Off)
Prana London Jeans Womens
Size: 0, 2
$50.95 50.95
$99.00 (49% Off)
Prana Kayla Jeans Womens
Size: 0
$47.95 47.95
$89.00 (46% Off)
Patagonia Slim Jeans Womens
Size: 25
$69.95 69.95
$99.00 (29% Off)

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