Backcountry Gear

Backcountry gear at The House features the top gear brands and safety gear. Backcountry gear here at The House includes brands like Mammut, K2, Jones, G3, and DMOS. Our selection comes in handy when preparing to venture out into your next backside or off the beaten path adventure. Our backcountry gear includes items such as beacons, climbing skins, shovels, airbag packs and much more. Some items were made to ensure that you can stay safe and travel lightly in the backcountry to help you maximize your time spent in the mountains. This gear is a mandatory piece of equipment that should be used at all times while in the backcountry to keep you and others around you safe from accidents that can happen in these places. Shop our backcountry gear to make sure you stay safe out there this season and for many to come.

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